Bolton Rising Part 41 - Ramsay, Arya/Jeyne & Reek

As Ramsay walked through the corridors of his compound, he remembered the first time he'd ever heard of the name Theon Greyjoy. His father, Roose Bolton had been stalled for months in a corporate takeover of the Greyjoy shipping empire and was growing increasingly displeased as the hostile acquisition was being delayed by meaningless court orders. "Ramsay... I want you and your gang of misfits to capture Balon's only son. Take the daughter too if you can manage it. But bring me Theon Greyjoy and the Dreadfort will be yours to do with as you please." Roose had explained in his office, while Ramsay glared at the man who had abandoned him and his mother to a hellish destitution.

"Yes, you will give me that father... Along with your name, and acknowledge in writing and public decree that I am your sole heir. People will know me as a Bolton from now on." Ramsay had countered with a devilish smirk, knowing he had cornered his father by the balls. With billions of dollars at stake, Roose Bolton reluctantly agreed to everything, thus giving his bastard child free reign, unlimited funds and the keys to begin building his own empire.

Ramsay and his Bastard Boys, along with Gregor Clegane had planned and executed the kidnapping with grand success. Tracking, locating and spying on Theon Greyjoy for weeks, waiting for the perfect opportunity to nab the party boy rich brat and hold him hostage until his father relinquished the family's fortune to Roose Bolton. But surprisingly, Balon Greyjoy was a stubborn fool and refused to cave into their demands so Ramsay became creative, flaying the handsome youth, returning the shipping tycoon his son, one strip of flesh at a time. When the fingers and toes arrived next, Balon caved and signed over all his assets, but by then, Ramsay had grown infatuated with his prisoner and refused to give Theon up. The once carefree handsome youth was now the Bastard's property, a tortured plaything and sexual prisoner called Reek.

In order to avoid Roose Bolton's displeasure, Ramsay and his crew disappeared underground with the bastard's first pet and grew their criminal syndicate in a few short years. Ruthless, deadly and ambitious. Ramsay's name spread far and wide, absorbing or destroying other rival factions, till none stood in their way. Even his own father and Petyr Baelish, the rising political and secret mastermind, were forced to take notice and give the Bolton Bastard his proper dues.

"Boss?" Skinner stirred Ramsay from his reminiscing, opening the door into the waiting room, where Reek was currently upon his knees, stripped naked and cowering under Damon's intense interrogating gaze.

"My lost bitch has returned home to me. Whatever for I wonder." Ramsay spoke as he entered the room, giving Damon a nod to step aside and let him see Reek for himself. "I was beginning to worry you were gone for good." The Bastard grabbed a handful of dirty crusted hair and yanked Reek's head up, staring into those frightened eyes, smirking with delight at the fear he still saw there.

"Please... Master..." Reek trembled violently, shutting his eyes from Ramsay's piercing gaze, tears streaking down hollow cheeks. He fell forward and clutched at the Bastard's boot with his mangled hands, sobbing openly and pleading for mercy. Ramsay softened his grip and caressed gentle fingers through the young man's hair, smiling. "Shhh... Welcome home Reek."

Arya readied herself as quickly as she could, slipping back into her black thigh highs and g-string and adding a lacy black demi-cup bra. Going to her walk in closet, she quickly chose a short black skirt and pulled a sheer pink tank over her head. She sat down at her dressing table to apply a little mascara, then added some lip gloss in a matching shade of pink. Hurriedly, she brushed her hair so that it rippled over her shoulders and dabbed on a bit of Ramsay's favorite scent. Arya left the bedroom, only to run back and step into a pair of sexy black heels that her Master was fond of. Finally ready, she rushed down to the main floor, checking Ramsay's study to see if he was there. Finding the room empty, she wandered back out into the hall where she found Skinner standing outside a pair of closed doors.

"There you are girl." The Bastard boy smiled at her, pushing his greying hair back from his face and pulling a cigarette from a pack in his chest pocket. The Boss wants you to wait in the living room. He'll send word when he's ready for you." He nodded toward the living room and she entered the room ahead of him. She turned to face Skinner as he stood in the doorway, lighting his smoke. She liked this one the best, he'd never hurt her, always had a smile or a wink when they met. She felt sure that he was not always kind, no man who worked for her Master could be, but she was glad that she didn't have to see that side of him. "Wait here now, love." He said to her now in his Irish brogue, "I'll come back for you shortly." Arya nodded and he left her to wait, wondering who had come, who it was that her Master wanted her to meet.

When Skinner returned, Ramsay ordered his men to take Reek down to the interrogation room and find out his whereabouts, contacts and why he had returned on his own. The Bastard of Bolton wasn't a paranoid man, but he had plenty of enemies and Ramsay could always tell when his Reek was hiding something. As his boys worked their magic, Ramsay sat in the control booth, smoking and playing with the surveillance cameras throughout the compound. He clicked on the video feed to the living room and saw his pretty pet Arya sitting on the sofa, fiddling with the straps on her heels, looking bored. Bolton sucked his cigarette a little harder and adjusted his sudden arousal. Those damn shoes and her cute feet always stirred him up. Unable to leave at the moment, Ramsay glared as he hit the intercom button and called on Skinner, sending the Bastard Boy off to go fuck the girl as he watched from his camera in the sky.


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