Bolton Rising Part 42 - Arya/Jeyne & Skinner

"The Boss is going to be delayed for awhile, but he wants me to come keep you company." Skinner announced as he walked into the living room, Ramsay's pet standing up quickly and smoothly her hair, looking suddenly timid and nervous. "I won't hurt you girl. The Boss just wants a little show." Skinner smirked as he removed Arya's skirt and panties, leaving the heels on as ordered, amused by Ramsay's sexual kinks. He pushed her down on the sofa, spreading her legs wide and making sure the security cameras could see you clearly.

Arya fell back onto the sofa, feeling safer with Skinner than she did when she was in Damon's hands. She didn't resist as he spread her wide, watching as he looked down at her, freshly waxed and his to enjoy. Her clit throbbed and she knew she was getting wet under his gaze. "We must be sure to make him happy, then." She whispered.

"I don't think that will be a problem. You love to please him... and us." Skinner grinned with his Irish charms, his hand sliding over Arya's hot wet cunt, fingering her clit as his other hand shoved the pink tank top up, pulling at the demi-cup bra, exposing herour tits for the cameras and his hungry gaze. He squeezed one, then the other softly, perking her hard nipples, before he leaned down to kiss those tender rosebuds.

"I do whatever is desired of me, Sir." She answered, gasping as his fingers glided over her swollen clit, sending a deep surge of pleasure through her. She bit her lower lip in reaction to his hot mouth moving over her stiff little nipples. Unable to see her Master, she looked up into Skinner's eyes, asking for more, moving her hand to cover his, pressing his fingers against her now needy pussy.

Skinner kisses and nips at the soft flesh of the girl's breasts, biting harder when she pressed his hand into her juices so eagerly. "The Boss has turned you into such a desperate little slut." He chuckles softly, rubbing Arya's cunt and smearing his fingers in her honey before bringing them to her lips, watching you nurse and suck back eagerly. "I think he freed the real you..." Skinner pops the fly to his jeans open and lets his hard cock spring out, bumping the head over the pet's glistening folds.

"I'm whoever he wants me to be... and you..." Whimpering, she sucked at his thick fingers, the taste of her own juices somehow exciting her further. She feltSkinner's cock sliding over her and she pushed her hips toward him, sucking harder on his fingers, hungry now. She needed that cock, her body craved the stretch, that feeling of fullness. She needed to be made whole, and she is safe with this man, she thinks. Letting herself go is easier with him. She was not afraid.

"That's a good pet. The Boss will like this." Skinner smiles, pulling his hand away from her mouth and cupping the back of her neck as his thickened cock pushes inside, angling Arya's face so the camera would capture the moment of penetration. He pulled his hips away for a moment and slid in deeper, more firmly, gaining entry as the girl arched and spread her legs wider with a sweet cry.

"Ohhh..." She moaned out loudly as her body's tight resistance made for a moment of pain, stretching around Skinner as the Bastard Boy's iron rod pushed steadily deeper. "Gods yes..." She watched his face, handsome but scarred, contort with pleasure as she enveloped him in her warm, wet embrace. Her hands move to your shoulders, and she braces herself, moaning louder still.

Skinner groaned at the tight squeeze of her inner walls, rocking his pelvis with more dominant need, pushing his entire length inside her before withdrawing. Fucking with deep long strokes, moving one of Arya's legs over his shoulder for better access, enjoying the way her full tits bounced with his forceful thrusts. "Call to him girl... Talk dirty. That always gets the Boss off."

"Yes... Fuck, Master..." She cried out, not knowing where to look, so she still kept her focus on the man inside of her. "He... he's fucking me so hard, Master... For you, my love... It's all for you..." She grabbed a fistful of his shirt, bucking her hips up to meet his thrusts. The size of him, the slight upward curve of his cock worked to hit her g-spot in a different way than the others. She'd had him in her mouth before, but never like this and this was good. "Fuck... me... harder..." she growled through gritted teeth, pulling him closer, wanting this for herself and for Ramsay.

"Aye... I will pet." Skinner groaned as she tugged on him, her small hand grasping at his ass, needing him deeper, harder. He responded by sliding out and flipping her over, shoving her face down into the cushions and smacking her bare backside, delivering a sudden punishing spanking that turned Arya's creamy skin hot red and had you crying out, while her pretty cunt dripped with excitement down her thighs. Skinner let the camera have a good look at her shame, before he came to mount her again. That swollen tip rammed back inside, thick shaft making her empty hole feel stuffed once again.

"Ahh!" She cried out in surprise, the sting of his hand only increasing her pleasure, her body craving the pain, as much as the pleasure. The cool air on her hot, dripping cunt increased the feeling of emptiness and she whimpered again, this time with animal need. Like a bitch in heat she wiggled her hips, desperate to be mated. She screamed as Skinner rammed back inside of her, hitting her so hard and so deep with each thrust that she could barely keep herself from buckling under the force. "Yes like that... Fuck, don't stop..." Her climax mounted and she clawed at the sofa under her, as the pleasure rose within her.

"Cum for your Master girl... Mmm... soak my cock." Skinner growled, pinning her head down by the hair while he yanked her hips up higher, making sure his cock pounded into her cervix. He continued striking the girl's punished ass, whipping her with his hand as he rode her right over the edge, letting his seed spill inside her with a loud groan of completion. Hips locked together, breathing deeply, bodies rippling with waves of orgasm as the camera captured it all.

Spurting hot seed filled her as her body lost control, pleasure washed over and through her as she jerked under the big man. Her sheath contracted around him again and again, milking every drop as Skinner groaned with his own release. She went limp in his arms, gasping for breath, all strength drained from her body.

Skinner withdrew and flipped Arya onto her back, tossing one leg over the back of the sofa while pushing the other wider, spreading her open for inspection by the camera. He smirked as her cunt hole pulsated from the orgasmic rush, his white seed dripping out, letting the Boss see how well his pet performed. "Lick me clean now, pet." Skinner stood to the side, resting his sensitized cock against her panting lips as his fingertips caressed one of her swollen nipples.

A little sound of pleasure escaped her lips, his rough fingers felt so good on her now hyper-sensitive nipples. She nodded her head, leaning forward to do as he asked, taking the head of his cock between her soft lips, kissing and sucking at the head. A big hand fisting her hair tightly, she bathed his cock from tip to base and back again. She was careful to lick him clean, leaving no part of the Bastard Boy's cock neglected. Arya never moved her wide brown eyes, always looking up at him, obeying Skinner in the place of her Master, but never forgetting his pale, watchful eyes were on her at every second.

"That's enough girl or the Boss might get jealous." Skinner gave her a knowing look, before taking his spent cock away and tucking it back in his jeans. "Don't ever forget to make Ramsay feel like a King after one of these things or it will all end badly for us." He advised, handing her a thin robe from the guest bathroom, before lightening up a smoke. "You should go freshen up and wait for him. The Boss won't be long now." Skinner chuckled softly, his Irish brogue seeming thicker when he'd relaxed.

She looked startled, nodding and wondering if her obedience to Ramsay could cause her to forget herself with a man like Skinner who was kind to her. "I...thank you. I understand." She said softly, taking the robe and slipping it on, retreating to the privacy of the Master bedchamber.

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