Bolton Rising Part 43 - Ramsay & Arya/Jeyne

After her session with Skinner, Arya returned to the Master bedroom and went shakily to the dressing table, running a brush through her tangled hair. "Why don't you want to hurt me like the others do?" She asked suddenly, almost without realizing she had spoken the words out loud, staring at the reflection in the mirror, waiting for an answer.

"Who are you speaking to pet?" Ramsay asked as he came up behind you, his hands slipping over her shoulders and sliding up around her neck, a dangerous menace radiating from his pale eyes as he stared at her reflection in the mirror. "Are you thinking of someone other than me?" He asked, his voice lowering to a dark whisper as his hands moved down into the opening of Arya's robe, parting the silky material and letting if fall off, her pretty tits revealed to his assessing gaze.

She was not expecting her Master's voice behind her and her heart skipped a beat when his hands touched her shoulders. She could feel herself begin to shake as she answered. "I was speaking to... you, my love. Why do you not want to break my heart like the other men I've known." She took a deep breath and continued. "I know you are hard on me if you need to teach me. But I don't think that you truly want to hurt me..." She looked up to meet his eyes in the mirror. "Do you?" She whispered.

"I would hurt you if you ever betrayed me Arya. I don't like to lose my property for any reason. And you are mine, aren't you?" Ramsay questioned, turning the chair around and pulling her up to meet his piercing gaze, letting the robe fall to pool at her feet. "I would have killed Melly and skinned her if it wasn't for Gregor and I would do the same to you if you dared to leave me. I want you Arya... more than I should want a pet."

Her breathing became shallow and she felt lightheaded at his words. He wants me... Arya's heart swelled and tears stung her eyes. "I'll never betray you. I love you... I only want to be near you. You must never worry that I would ever hurt you, Master." She reached up and caressed his lips with her fingertips. Her stiffened nipples brushed against his chest and she gasped. "I want you..."

A slow smile spreads across his lips, Ramsay's hard demeanor softening for a moment. "Come pet. It's time to bathe you." He took her by the hand, leading her to the fancy bathroom and ordering her into the walk-in shower. "Get the water hot the way I enjoy it." He started stripping out of his own clothing.

She stepped into the shower, turning up the water until the room began to fill with steam. Arya let the hot water flow over her as she watched Ramsay disrobe. His body was perfectly sculpted, his cock hard and ready, she felt the familiar throb begin to grow deep within her. She wanted him so badly, she could barely keep from moving out of turn and acting without her Master's permission.

Ramsay stepped into the shower and pressed Arya against the cool tile wall, seeking her lips with his, the Bastard's mouth hungry and passionate, possessive and needy with his kisses. His hands roamed everywhere over the wet silk of her skin as his tongue dove into her mouth and down her throat, hips moving between her legs. The Master's throbbing arousal pressed into the folds of his pet's hot cunt, grinding and rubbing, stoking her heat.

She let out a little muffled cry and returned his kisses with an intense passion of her own. Sliding her hands over his wet chest, she could feel the contours of his body rippling under her fingers. She couldn't stop her hips from moving in rhythm with his, gasping into Ramsay's mouth as his cock slid back and forth over her engorged clit. Breaking away for a moment she breathed "I love you..." again, her heart about to burst with emotion.

"Loving me is a dangerous thing Arya..." He flipped her around to face the wall, his lips against her ear. "I'm the Devil incarnate and I will claim everything of you. Your soul will weep for me as I rape this body." Ramsay grabbed Arya by the hips, fingers digging into her soft flesh, feeling her pelvic bones move as he yanked her backwards and thrust forward, spearing her upon his cock. Her Master's thick length pushed, deep, demanding her submission.

"Master!" She cried out loud, dizzied by the sudden turn, she braced herself with palms flat against the shower wall. She heard you, but she knew there was no turning back. Loving Ramsay is dangerous, not to love him would be unthinkable. His rock hard erection penetrated her roughly, but the sudden thrust was a relief to her. Her wail echoed in the shower stall as she submitted to him completely. "There is no choice in loving you... Ramsay... You own my body, my heart and my soul..."

He gave into his pent up dark desires and fucked her like an animal, hard and rough and brutal. The Bastard breathed hotly against the back of her neck as the water continued to spray down, the hot liquid almost burning their skin, steaming up the shower stall. Ramsay yanked Arya around, shoving her against a partition, pressing her full tits into the smooth glass surface as he hiked one of her legs up, foot resting on the ledge. Watching with lust filled eyes, his cock stabbed back into her displayed cunt, spreading her pink lips wide around his girth.

She took the full force of his assault, giving her Master complete and total control over her body. Pressed against the glass, cool in contrast to the scalding water, she felt safe, he was the barrier between her and the rest of the world. There was no place she would rather be than in Ramsay's arms. She felt the head of his thick cock slamming into her already bruised cervix again and again. Arya came, quivering and whimpering, the rhythm of his thrusts intensifying her orgasm, taking her deeper into ecstasy.

Ramsay held her in his arms as he slammed into her one final time, biting down on her fair shoulder and groaning as that embedded cock jerked and shot a hot load deep inside of Arya's womb. The Bastard of Bolton savored his claim, letting her tight sheath squeeze him dry, holding him prisoner inside her body. "My pretty pet..." He nuzzled her neck with affection, licking at her bite wound before finally letting her out of his grasp.

"Master..." Arya sighed as Ramsay turned her in his arms, tilting her face up as he captured her lips, mouth opening to accept his kiss. Her arms slid loosely around Ramsay's neck as he wrapped her in a towel, carrying her to the bedroom and laying her down on the bed. She waited until he joined her, turning into his arms, laying her head upon his strong shoulder. "I love you..." She whispered once more as he gathered her close.

"Tomorrow you will meet an old pet of mine...his name is Reek. He came home tonight. " Ramsay spoke softly while caressing his fingers through her long dark hair. "I don't know why, but the Bastard Boys will fish it out of him and then I will decide his fate. He's been a loose string for many years." Ramsay yawned, saying no more as he drifted off, his arm holding you close.

She was so tired that his words barely reached her, she tried to understand what he'd said... An old pet... Reek... Ramsay had said that he had come home. She'd never thought that a pet could be male, never knew he'd had a pet other than Melly before her. Had there been others? How many more were there, she wondered, and why would they have left him? Arya's exhaustion finally won out and she felt sleep envelop her, spreading over her like dark velvet. Even as she succumbed, she thought, I would never leave my Master, I could never hurt him that way...  I'd sooner be dead than be parted from him.

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