Bolton Rising Part 46 - Sandor

The Hound was in the middle of packing his bag to leave the Braavosi Meditation and Recovery Center, when the call from the hospital appeared on his cell. He scowled at the annoying ring tone and blinking display, expecting the call to be from a social worker wanting an update on his progress or some other nonsense shit. "What is it?" Sandor's tone was gruff when he answered, scaring the nurse from the emergency room on the other end of the line.  He listened with growing agitation as the woman explained the reason for the call. His boss Petyr Baelish had suffered some serious unexplained trauma and was currently in a deep coma in intensive care. "What about the girl with him, Alayne Stone? Where is she?" Clegane's hand tighten around the phone, crushing the plastic casing as the nurse responded that Baelish's fiancee, was alright but distraught, and requesting his presence. "I'm on my way, but get some fucking security outside his room. If anything happens to them, before I arrive I will have your head woman." Sandor growled with frustration, before ending the call and storming out of the center, finding his mustang still parked where he had left it. His black beauty was covered in a pile of leaves. Sandor glared at a damn squirrel that ran across the hood as he approached, before climbing into the driver seat and firing up the turbo engine. The loyal beast roared to life, the deep rumble vibrating Sandor's soul as he grabbed the wheel and hit the gas, flying down the country road back towards the city. I'm coming Little Bird.

It seemed like hours before he finally made it to the hospital, meeting with Baelish's own top security force in the waiting room and taking command once again, ordering the whole place to be swept and secured. Still, no one was sure what had happened to Littlefinger and Sandor was taking no chances the incident wasn't an attempt on his Boss' life, or that someone would take the news as an opportunity to make one. The word had already been leaked to the media and Clegane knew Petyr's enemies would take any sign of weakness as their chance to make a move. Foremost in his mind was Ramsay Bolton. That fucking bastard would enjoy nothing more then to strike now and twist the knife in. It was a dangerous game Baelish played with that menacing fuck.

After speaking with the men, the Hound made the dreaded walk down the hallway toward Petyr's room, not sure what he would feel upon seeing his Boss incapacitated upon a hospital bed, the way he had been not too long ago. And then there was Alayne… Sandor's heart began to beat harder the closer he got to the closed door. He was almost afraid to see the girl of his desires once again, weeping over another man, the man he was sworn to protect, no matter what. He stood outside the door and peeked in through the small viewing window, seeing Baelish surrounded by life-supporting machines, fluid-filled tubes everywhere, his body motionless. But more disturbing were those mocking grey-green eyes closed, and not even a hint of a clever, bemused smirk upon the man's lips. Petyr's face was just a blank mask. If such a thing as a soul existent, then it currently was not in Littlefinger's body, and that troubled Clegane the more he looked at his mastermind of a boss.

He's just an empty shell… Sandor reflected with some angered sadness, before pushing open the door and walking inside, coming to stand beside Alayne, who was asleep with her head on the edge of the bed, her small hand curled around the Mockingbird's lifeless one. She looked like a shattered girl, fragile glass glued together, exhausted and pale, never leaving Petyr's side since he had been brought in according to the nursing staff. "I'm here now girl." The Hound whispered, picking Alayne up in his strong comforting arms and holding her, letting her continue to sleep as he took the seat himself. Cradling her in his lap, he wrapped a warm blanket around Alayne, then checked his gun, making sure his piece was locked and loaded, taking up watch against any threat that came for Petyr and the woman they both loved.


  1. Wringing my hands, love how your building the suspense. My favorite character is the Hound of course, too many what ifs' with him and Alayna. Excited to see how this all plays out. Good job

  2. Yup definitely getting good. I wonder what Ramsay will say to this news...