Bolton Rising Part 47 - Alayne & Sandor

During the long hours that Alayne spent by Petyr’s bedside, her mind was in constant motion. An endless torrent of pain and fear assaulted her, never allowing for even a brief moment of peace. Over and over again, she saw the events of the morning play out on a constant loop that she could not turn off. She watched helplessly as Petyr clutched his chest and fell, feeling her own heart ripped to shreds again, each time. After a while, the tears had stopped falling. Her eyes, unable to produce any more moisture, ached and burned as she watched him lying lifeless before her, the constant slow drip of the IVs and the soft, steady tones of the machines became her only comfort. As long as they worked steadily on, she knew that Petyr was not fully lost to her.

Sandor was coming, they told her. A white faced nurse informed her that he had been contacted and was on his way. Alayne didn’t know how long it would take for him to travel to her, but knowing that he was on his way made her feel somehow less vulnerable. Each time Sandor Clegane entered her mind, she felt at first soothed, however, confusion about her love for Clegane quickly took over. Again her mind returned to the question she had asked herself a thousand times or more, How is it possible to love them both…  so equally, but yet so differently?

Nurses came and went, recording vital signs, drawing blood from pale arms, asking Alayne if there was anything they could do for her. She remained quietly curled in her chair, staring at her love, afraid to answer, frightened that if she were to open her mouth she might begin to scream, and she knew if she started screaming that she would never be able to stop. Exhaustion finally took over and Alayne let her head rest on the side of the bed. Holding tightly to Petyr’s hand, she fell into a deep, and blessedly dreamless, sleep.

Upon waking, she realized that she felt safe. It was such an unfamiliar sensation, that Alayne fought consciousness as long as she could. As she slowly came awake, she breathed in a familiar scent of leather, wine and something else… something that she could never quite identify, but that was wonderfully, unmistakably, him. He was here, and she was in his arms. Safe. The tears began to flow again now, as she opened her eyes, they spilled down her cheeks, causing her vision to blur, but she could see that it was him. He was looking down at her, unsmiling. “It’s alright, Little Bird.” He told her, and she could feel the words vibrate in his chest as he spoke.

“Sandor…” she whispered, it was all she could manage, then she was touching his face, cupping his cheek, pulling him down to meet her open mouth, kissing him as though she were suffocating and he were the air she required to breathe.

Sandor put the safety on the gun and rested the hand piece on the side table as Alayne kissed him with need, growling against her soft lips when both his hands were free to pull her closer. Clegane felt her body respond, molding into his and it felt damn good... to be wanted by her, providing comfort to the girl he loved. How he had missed her during their time apart. The Little Bird who's singing soothed his tortured soul.

The Hound took the momentum to push his tongue between Alayne's parted lips, holding her tighter when she gasped and tried to pull away. "No..." He rasped, dark eyes scowling into her surprised gaze, still red-eyed with the tears she had been weeping over Littlefinger.

"Someone will see us." Alayne whispered softly, hesitantly reaching up to cup the Hound's rough cheek. "I can't ... Not with Petyr right here. Please." She pleaded as Clegane clenched his jaw, masculine tension vibrating off him in waves.

"It's late. No one will bother us. Not even him." Sandor motioned towards the peaceful comatose state of his boss, before he yanked Alayne by the hips, straddling her over his thighs. The Hound groaned as his trapped arousal rubbed into her, sliding a hand up under her skirt, caressing the inner thigh, before cupping the wet heat of Alayne's body. "You need this and so do I." Clegane stated possessively, freeing his thickend erection and pushing her panties to the side before slipping inside his Little Bird.

 The feel of his hands on her was so right, so familiar. The way he moved her, manipulating her body, and the way she responded to him was so unreal. She was ready for him. More than ready. She took him in, letting out a helpless little wail as he slid in deep, the sensation of first penetration was so intense that she thought she might faint. "I need you..." she breathed, stroking his cheek, staring into his eyes and seeing a softness there that she'd never seen before. His thick erection stretched her, molding her to his shape and he felt like home. "I've needed you for so long..."
Alayne leaned forward and kissed him again, all softness gone now, hunger for him consumed her. Sliding her hands behind Clegane's head, she pressed closer, her tongue licking at him like a cat in heat, she bit down on his lower lip, rolling her hips as he growled into her mouth. She pushed into him harder, wanting him deeper still, grinding her swollen clit against him and moaning in agony and ecstasy. She could not see anything but him, he filled all of her senses so fully that there was room for nothing else. Clenching her pelvic muscles, she rolled her hips again, gasping, needing to feel him as she'd longed to for far too long.

Sandor groaned from the pleasure of Alayne's wet sliding, cupping her firm ass with one hand to aid in her intense rocking, while the other wrapped around the back of the girl's neck. Keeping their lips locked together, Clegane breathed Alayne in like life itself, filling his lungs with her feminine scent, his cock throbbing with passion inside her tight sheath. He thrust in harder, upwards, with powerful dominance, letting Alayne take him to the hilt and swallowing down her desperate cry, before his mouth pulled away to trail a hot path of kisses to her breasts.

The Hound sucked Alayne's peaked nipples over her shirt, wanting to rip away the offending fabric, but settling for a hard shove upwards, then yanking the sheer bra down to expose her full tits. He latched on like a starving man, suckling and rolling the tortured nub with his tongue for a moment, the Hound's hungry lips going after the other one next, letting the texture of her skin favor his mouth. 

His hard thrusts pounded up into her and Alayne ran her hands over his chest, his shoulders, down his arms, learning the feel of him, new, yet so familiar. She could feel her climax beginning to build deep within her womb as his hot mouth on her aching nipples sent intense, searing pleasure throughout her body. Looking down at his mouth on her gave her such a feeling of familiarity and... rightness, that Alayne let loose a choking sob, cupping his head, holding him close to her chest, her lips parted, deeply lost in the sensation of Clegane's possession of her. 

Alayne felt the tears still streaming down her cheeks as she lost herself in her sweet release. She felt her body contract again and again around him and she watched him, his face, so rough, yet so beautiful to her; his hands, so big compared to her own. She felt him grip her hips so tightly as to leave bruises behind, the strength of him was so great. They fit together so perfectly as to have been made as one. As she rode the waves of her pleasure, she whimpered trying so hard not to scream out loud. Alayne clutched Sandor tightly, her thighs gripping him hard as she dug her fingers into his broad shoulders, until finally, she went weak in his arms, still crying softly.

When Alayne's wet embrace squeezed him like a tight vise, Sandor groaned deeply against her chest, letting his pent up seed finally spill, while holding the girl in his arms as she shuddered in release. "Little Bird..." He kissed her hard, cupping her soft cheek and caressing tears away with his thumb. "I don't understand why... and I don't care, but that felt right to me." The Hound spoke soft and low, holding Alayne's gaze with his own, until his cell began to vibrate on the table, breaking the long silence.

Clegane sighed and reached for the phone, answering it with annoyance. "This better be damn good." He growled just as the lights went out and Petyr's monitors flared up, sounding in alarm as the backup power supplies kicked in. "How many? I got it. Get more men up here now!" Sandor hung up, pulling Alayne off him and getting redressed. "Stay here and lock the door after I leave. Don't let anyone in. Not even medical staff. You understand me girl?" The Hound grabbed his gun, took the safety off and rechecked the clip. "They've come for him." He looked at Baelish's helpless form on the bed, then turned his determined eyes on Alayne. "But these fucks have to deal with the guard Dog first."


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