Bolton Rising Part 48 - Petyr & Sandor

When the Hound came out of Petyr Baelish's hospital room, he dove behind the nurses station just as a hail of bullets came right at him from the darkened passageway. He cursed and shoved a dead male orderly out of his way and returned fired, providing cover so the rest of the terrified staff could make an escape for the stairs at the other end. "Bastard Boys… This attack has your stink all over it!" Clegane growled as Ramsay Bolton's pack of killers laughed and tossed a flash grenade, a sudden burst of light and sound filling up the tight area, rendering him blind and deaf for a moment.

"Give us the Mockingbird and we'll let you leave out of this alive with that little slut of yours, Sandor." Damon raised his hand, halting the firefight. "She looks like such a delicious dish. I wouldn't mind taking her along too. The Boss does enjoy surprise gifts."

"Aye, I bet the pretty lass is a good cock sucker too." Skinner chuckled as he flared up a smoke off Luton's, who added. "With a tight ass to ride all night."

"And a sweet cunt for my tongue." Alyn chimed in, making an obscene sound with his lips, which only infuriated the Hound, who stood up and fired, nailing the Bastard Boy with a head shot, Alyn's body hitting the floor with a wet thud.

"Consider that my fucking answer!" Clegane snapped a new clip into his gun and took the momentum forward, attacking as Bolton's men took cover this time. The battle fading away from the room safe-housing  Alayne and Petyr Baelish.

*monitors beep loudly in the quiet room, heart and pulse rising…falling…rising…falling, picking up an active rhythm*

"Petyr kiss me…" A sweet voice whispered against his lips, a sinful temptation he was ready to give into anytime she wished.

"No! Petyr you promised you would kiss me first this time!" Another voice cried with jealously.

Littlefinger opened his eyes and found himself trapped between two redheaded girls, one clutching each of his arms, glaring at each other as they yanked on him to and fro like a doll. He grinned with amusement. "Cat… Lysa…" He laughed with a boyish tone, disengaging himself from the sisters before they declared open war over his minty kisses.

"We were only teasing, Lysa. Don't be so upset." The older and prettier of the sisters chastised.

"Petyr always does anything you ask of him Cat! When you know I love him the most!" Lysa cried with tears welling up in her eyes as her sister sighed with annoyance.

"You can't ever marry Petyr, anyway. So I don't understand why you're making such a fuss." Cat replied with an air of indifference, just before her younger sister's face flushed red with embarrassment and she ran off into the woods.

"You shouldn't upset her that way Cat." Petyr spoke, having stood back to watch the two with a small smirk upon his face, already aware of Lysa's growing infatuation with him. He understood how the girl felt, for Petyr was in the same position over his feelings for Catelyn Tully.

"You're right…but I don't want my sister to get her heart broken over a fantasy." Cat began to walk with Petyr through the fields of Riverrun, stealing knowing glances at each other now and then, smiling softly, before their hands finally intertwined. He felt his heart swell with emotion as he held onto Cat's hand, strolling along the riverbank, enjoying her laughter as a trout leaped out of the water to catch a flying bug.

Finally alone with the girl of his true desires, Petyr felt the boldness to pull Catelyn closer, wrapping her up in his arms and kissing her soft lips. She startled with surprise at first, but yielded to the pleasure, just like she always had. Cat giggled with delight as Petyr took them down into the soft grass, his tongue slipping past parted lips, hands wandering over her body. Every time they found themselves alone, away from Lysa, far from the prying eyes of the castle, and forgotten vows of Family, Duty and Honor, they found comfort in each other's embrace, growing more intimate with every encounter.

Petyr pulled away first, smiling down softly at her with his grey-green eyes as the sun shined behind him. "Do you care about what happens to my heart? Or am I a game you're playing as well." He asked more seriously, running his fingers through Cat's red hair, finding her to be the most beautiful thing in the world. A longing and a pain equally shared in his heart.

"Petyr…" Catelyn reached up and cupped his cheek, while a single painful tear rolled down hers. "We can't run away together. My father would only send his men after us. You would be exiled or killed… and I shamed and still married off to someone else. I don't know what you want from me." Cat rolled to the side, picking at the blades of green grass, avoiding the hurt look in Petyr's gaze. "Can't we just be together now, make memories we will cherish for the rest of our lives… even when fate pulls us apart?"

"That's not enough for me." Petyr replied as he sat down and stared across the water, picking up a flat stone to skip across the still crystal clear surface. "I would change this world to keep you with me. Destroy the whole of Westeros."

"Don't talk nonsense Petyr. You're not a god." Cat sat up, wiping her eyes dry as she laid her head against Petyr's shoulder.

"There must be a way… I could find a way Catelyn."

"You've always been clever Petyr. I know you will do great things. But it will be too late for us."

Baelish said nothing in return, for fear his voice would quiver with confused emotions, only wrapping his arm around Catelyn, holding onto her as long as he could.

With a choked gasp, Petyr snapped his eyes open in the dim darkness and unknowingly ripped his oxygen mask off, sucking down air like he was almost drowning in water. Pushing away hands that were reaching for him, holding him down, not understanding the muffled words being spoken, his head rang with disorientation and confusion.

"Petyr… oh gods… stop." Alayne pleaded with desperation, whispering in his ear. "Be calm my love. Please." She stroked his hair, holding onto his shaking body. "Petyr listen to my voice. You're in the hospital. But we're in danger right now. Sandor… he's… he's fighting to protect us. I don't know what's happening." Alayne wept softly as Petyr finally stabilized and regained his awareness, reaching out to run his fingers down her cheek.

"Love you… sweetling… get my cellphone." Baelish requested with a weakened voice, mustering a small smile as Alayne looked at him with surprise, before fishing out the device from the bedside drawer, watching as Petyr dialed slowly then spoke a code of numbers into the receiver.


  1. AAAAHHH My feels are all over the place right now! I've been waiting for this update and now I must wait again for the next one! I love Ramsay and his Bastard Boys but I also love this Sandor/Alayne/Petyr love triangle you've got going. The suspense is killing me!...but I will sit and wait quietly like a good little reader :)

    Awesome job again on this story you guys!♥

  2. Thank you so much! We're so glad you're enjoying it as much as we enjoy writing it! <3