Bolton Rising Part 49 - Ramsay

Ramsay Bolton had been monitoring the situation at the hospital through a live video feed until Alyn had been struck down. He cursed angrily and slammed a clenched fist down on the console. Sandor Clegane, the Mockingbird's loyal Dog had come out with a ferocious bark, guarding and defending the room holding a weakened Petyr Baelish and his woman, Alayne Stone.

"What the fuck is the Hound doing there? He's been gone for weeks!" Ramsay yelled into his cell phone, telling Damon and the other Bastard Boys to pull back over the noise of the ensuing gun battle. "The police and SWAT team are headed your way. Get your ass out of there. Now!" The Bastard of Bolton disconnected and smashed the phone against a wall in rage, his pale eyes glaring into the compound's security monitors as several alarms began to blare. "What the hell is this now?" Ramsay watched as a military style helicopter flew onto the property, a squadron of armed men zip lining out and hitting the ground running, shooting his pack of dogs as they surrounded the building. The thick, reinforced walls began to shake violently as the intruders used explosives to blast their way in through the doors, others smashing through the windows, invading the home and torching the rooms as they went.

Ramsay grabbed his loaded gun, hitting an emergency beacon and left the control room, hoping an old friend would come to his aid. Bolton headed straight for the master bedchambers and found his pet Arya, crying and shaking from fear. She clutched his arm, asking a million questions which he had no time to answer. "Come girl. I need to get you to safety at least. My Bastard Boys will find you later." He dragged Arya down the hallways as tear gas filled the air, taking her to the farthest wing of the compound and into a hidden safe room, pushing the girl inside and slamming the door shut when she refused to leave his side. Ramsay felt an ache in his soul as he lost sight of Arya, resting his hand against the sealed door, unable to hear her cries anymore. He turned around when he felt the presence of the soldiers, their red laser points targeting his body, weapons raised and ready to fire.

"Ramsay, the Bastard of Bolton." The leader of the squad spoke, leveling his rifle right between the those cold pale eyes. "We have orders to take you in alive. But refuse to comply and we will disable you. Drop your gun."

"Did my Father send you?" Ramsay fumed, tossing his gun to the floor with disgust as he was surrounded and outnumbered, recognizing the men who'd come to fetch him. "That prick has been working with Baelish hasn't he? Against his own son…"

"I'm not here to explain anything to the likes of you… Snow. We have our orders. Now come along like a good boy."

"I see…" Ramsay smirked with malevolence in his eyes, before unsheathing a hidden dagger and attacking the man, slicing his throat wide open from ear to ear. "No one ever calls me that and lives!" The sudden bloodshed surprised the other members of the squad for a moment before they all began to beat the Bastard with their weapons, rendering him unconscious and dragging Ramsay away.

They carted his limp body back out to the helicopter, which had landed in the fields behind the smothering compound and took off. The helicopter flew over the ruins just as headlights came racing down the main road, a large pickup truck smashing through the front gates and skidding to a halt. Gregor Clegane stepped out with his gun, firing several shots up into the air with a hard look upon his face, knowing it would be useless now. But he knew where that helicopter was going. There was only one man who would use such a show of force against Ramsay. And no matter what had come to pass between himself and the Bastard, Gregor would never leave his friend's fate in the hands of Roose Bolton.

After walking passed the dead dogs, Gregor headed inside, wondering where all the Bastard Boys were to defend their leader. He found the two weakest members Ben Bones and Grunt dead, executed with deadly efficiency with a single bullet to the back of their heads. Clegane left their bodies and continued searching, while the overhead water sprinklers rained down and doused any remaining flames. "Girl! If you hear me. You can come out now. It's me, Gregor Clegane." He called out several times, knowing Ramsay would have safeguarded his most prized possession, unless the worst had come to pass. The Mountain searched high and low for the missing pet, before heading deeper into the compound, going to the safe room he hoped would contain the girl, but all he found was a pool of blood on the floor, an opened door and no Arya to be found.


  1. *is speechless* O.O Omg...How many Bastard boys does that leave left to protect Ramsay (minus Gregor of course) like three??! Things just got intense! I have like 6 million questions now! This was awesome!

    1. Thank you, thank you! More is on it's way! :D