Bolton Rising Part 51 - Reek & Arya/Jeyne

Reek dragged the half-dressed girl along as she screamed, cried and begged for him to let her go. The more she pleaded with desperation to return to Ramsay Bolton's compound, the more disgust and anger he felt toward this new pet he had heard was called Arya. I used to be his favorite too… once. Reek thought, stopping for a moment to get his bearings in the dark forest, looking around in fear, knowing soon the Bastard Boys, or even worse Gregor Clegane, would be coming to reclaim the girl their Master now cherished as special property. He shivered violently with dread of being captured, broken teeth chattering as a chill went through his frail body, even though the night was hot and humid. They would beat him, rape him and flay him close to death for stealing the girl away, leaving him alive only to linger in a prison hold, rats eating away at him, until Ramsay returned to deal out the true punishment.

Wherever that helicopter had taken the Bastard, Reek knew from deep within his flesh and bones that Ramsay would return. He always did. There was no stopping that kind of seductive, cruel evil. "He's the Devil… You don't understand." Reek whispered to Arya, digging his nails into her arm, finally looking up into her frightened eyes, letting the moonlight fall over his ruined haggard face. The girl's look of shock and revulsion, so common and familiar now after he had incurred Ramsay's wrath, only motivated him to continue with the escape. "Let's go!" Reek yelled with impatience, yanking Arya once again over the difficult terrain, heading for an unmapped back road, pushing the growing fear and bile in his throat back down. Everything would be worth the risk if he could deliver the girl to Petyr Baelish and gain his freedom from the Bastard of Bolton for good, as was promised so long ago.

When the creature had spoken, Arya was nearly overcome with shock. She'd never believed in monsters, and yet this one, she'd been sure, was not human. Now as she fought against his grip, she wondered what on earth he could possibly be; surely this was not the other pet of which her Master had spoken. This vile, filthy creature, dragging her over the rough ground as she stumbled and tried to pry his fingers from her arm. His long, dirty nails were sharp and ragged, like claws, she thought, shuddering. She too, felt chilled, though the summer night was warm.  Although he looked shrunken and frighteningly thin, he was strong, his grip on her arm was like a vise and try as she might, she could not break free of his hold. She'd screamed for Ramsay, for his Boys, for anyone to rescue her from whatever or whoever was forcing her to leave the only home she knew, but no one answered her cries.

When they reached the isolated road, Reek and Arya both stopped in their tracks like deer as a pair of headlights from a black van suddenly turned on, spotlighting the pair in a shower of bright white light. "Freeze! Hands in the air!" A deep voice ordered with an authoritative tone. "Don't make any sudden movements or we will open fire." Reek let Arya go with a look of pure defeat in his eyes, slowly raising his hands up into the air as the girl followed and did the same.  "Move in and cuff them, Davos."

"Yes sir." An older man with salt and pepper hair, moved from around the blinding glare of the headlights and approached the runaways, first binding Reek's wrists behind his back with plastic tie cuffs, before shackling Arya with a set too. Davos then grabbed each one by the arm and walked them forward to face a taller man with dark hair, stern facial features and an intense, imposing stare. "Read them their rights, Mel."

"Of course." The redheaded woman at his side replied, before going through the list of Miranda Rights as Davos took off his coat and covered Arya's barely clothed body. "There you go." He smiled warmly at the scared girl, who looked young and innocent enough to be one of his own children. "Do you understand each of these rights I have just read?" The woman waited until Reek nodded his head and Arya whispered a faint yes, before turning her attentions back to the man in charge.

This can't be happening! Tears poured down Arya's cheeks as she stood helplessly in the road, wrists bound, as the armed soldiers kept their guns trained on her and her captor. She didn't know who these people were, however she suspected they must be more of the same soldiers who'd taken her Ramsay. Could they be taking her to her Master, she wondered? She thought not. She was under arrest and would most likely not be reunited with her love. And then there was the blood... was he even still alive? She couldn't be sure, although she thought that her connection to her Master was strong enough that if he'd been killed, that somehow she would know. Arya suppressed a sob, biting her lip and praying that this was all just a terrible nightmare.

A long moment of stretched out silence followed as the unnamed leader regarded Reek and Arya with a look of disdain. "You two are being taken into FBI custody. I am Chief Special Agent Stannis Baratheon." He spoke, holding up his official badge of office, before snapping it shut and putting it away in his coat pocket. "My companions are Special Agents Mel Sandre and Davos Seaworth." Stannis stepped aside to reveal the open side door to the van. "I've got a lot questions for the pair of you, and I expect answers. Get them in the van Davos and let's go. We've wasted enough time being camped out here in this hellhole." Baratheon ordered with a brisk clip, taking the driver seat as Mel slipped in the passenger side and Davos loaded up the passengers. "We're ready back here Sir." Davos spoke, securing Reek and Arya into their seats, then slamming the side door closed.

"Field agents to HQ. We're retuning to base with the acquired packages. Over and out." Stannis radioed ahead, before turning on the engine and taking off down the road, a small smile of satisfaction curling the corners of his lips.


  1. Omg Sh*t just got real lol. Epic job as always! Can't wait for more.

    1. It might get even wilder... wait & see!

  2. So what happened to " don't you worry the next chapter will be out faster than the speed of light" its been like 5 years already. I was dying with inpatience


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