A Conversation with Conan Stevens - HBOWatch.com Interview by MJS!

A Conversation with Conan Stevens - HBOWatch.com Interview

It was November of 2008 when HBO gave the green light for the pilot of the upcoming Game of Thrones television series. I remember the day when I read a post in an online A Song of Ice and Fire forum suggesting possible candidates to play Ser Gregor Clegane, one of my all-time favorite characters from the book series. From the moment I saw Australian stunt actor Conan Stevens, he had my vote. At 7’ ¼”, 315 pounds, Conan, a non-competitive bodybuilder and former Australian Professional Wrestling champion, certainly had the size and the physique to bring The Mountain That Rides to life. The fandom agreed, Conan was the Ser Gregor we’d all been hoping for.
…     …     …
Recently, I had the pleasure of talking to Conan about his role as Ser Gregor, his future, and what it’s been like to climb the ladder of success. Here’s what the stunt actor, MENSA member and former chess champion had to say …
**Includes Conan’s original Game of Thrones audition footage!**

*For fans of The Mountain and Bolton Rising, be sure to read Conan's thoughts about the character of Gregor, as you may find some parallels to our ideas of Gregor here on this site!

screencap by houndofsiru

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