Bolton Rising Part 52 - Gregor

The Mountain searched for Ramsay Bolton's pet, Arya, following her delicate tracks through the thick woods, knowing she wasn't alone in her escape. Gregor wondered who was aiding the girl, though at the times, the tracks suggested a struggle was occurring and Arya was being dragged away. A creeping suspicion arouse in his mind the more he looked at the second set of footprints. Having chased and hunted down Reek more times than he cared to remember, Clegane was more than certain it was that vile creature who was now leading Arya towards the unmarked dirt road. "I'll fucking snap his neck myself this time." Gregor growled to himself, stomping through the dense undergrowth, before taking cover behind a tree when headlights suddenly flashed on in the darkness.

He peered out with a hard scowl upon his face, watching the unexpected scene unfold as Arya and Reek were detained and taken into custody by the feds. Clegane knew Stannis Baratheon. That stubborn bastard had been after Ramsay for years, always hitting a dead end with his investigations and being the source of ridicule at FBI head quaters. Even though he was armed, the Mountain couldn't afford to kill three federal agents right now, and open up another can of shit to deal with. The Bastard of Bolton and his crew where getting hit from all sides this night and Gregor was currently their impromptu leader. "Seven Hells…" Gregor safetied his gun, clenching his massive fists in frustration as Arya and Reek were both loaded into the van and driven away. He walked out into the middle of the road, watching the car lights disappear into the distant night, sending out a prayer to whatever fucking gods were out there to keep the girl's mouth shut. It would be bad enough for Arya when Ramsay found his pet to be a runaway, but if he deemed her a traitor, she would come to learn why people whispered and called her Master the Flayer.

When Clegane returned to the ruined Bolton compound, he found the remaining Bastard Boys arriving, looking like they, themselves, had just returned from a war zone too. Damon, Luton and Skinner explained the fucked up situation that had gone down at the hospital, while he filled them all in on what had occurred with Ramsay, Arya and Reek.

"This is fucking bad, Gregor. What do we do now?" Skinner lit up a smoke, taking several long drags while Luton bandaged up his injured arm and Damon paced around like a caged beast, his eyes filled with rage.

"Nothing. We need to regroup and figure out a plan." Gregor replied, locking death glares with Damon when the Bastard Boy turned to protest. "Going after Ramsay would be suicide. You don't know his Father the way I do. I will deal with him myself and get our Bastard back."

"And you expect us to sit around, licking our wounds after you've been gone for weeks?! You abandoned him and us too, asshole." Damon shot back, marching straight up to the Mountain and pressing his chest against the other man's, staring into his dark gaze.

"Back off before I break your fucking jaw Damon." Gregor spoke with an icy tone, unfazed by the Bastard Boy's display of aggression. "You three will clean up this damn mess, torch it if needed, and then head to our backup base of operations."

"Winterfell?" Luton raised a brow, confused. "That place isn't even close to being finished with the remodeling."

"Aye. Damn cold shit hole." Skinner chimed in, snuffing out his spent cigarette.

"Look around you, dumb ass. This compound had been more than compromised!" Gregor snapped, losing his patience with the trio. "Go to a motel 6 if Winterfell doesn't suit you, but this place will be crawling with feds soon enough." He turned without another word and headed for his truck, knowing Damon was right on his heels. "What?" Clegane growled as he opened his door and eyed the Bastard Boy.

"We do nothing about the girl and Reek? They could be trouble for us… You know Baelish has to be behind all this."

Gregor nodded. "I wouldn't be surprised if his 'littlefinger' wasn't the one stirring the pot of all this chaos." He climbed into the driver's seat and fired up the engine. "Don't worry about the girl. Arya knows nothing of importance. Stannis can't hold her for long. He'll push her hard, try to break her into a rat like Reek. "

"Okay." Damon sighed, still tense with concern. "I'll make sure one of us is there to pick Arya up and take her to Winterfell. We can't have Ramsay returning home without his pet to greet him. He's really damn attached to this one."

"I've noticed. We can't have Ramsay sliding back into that level of darkness. It's not even human… and Damon..." Gregor called as the Bastard Boy backed away from the rumbling truck, crossing his arms as Luton and Skinner joined him.


"Make sure you grab that piece of shit Greyjoy too and drown his ass in the sea. You feel me?"

Damon laughed with a cruel gleam in his eyes. "Sure thing. It will be my pleasure." He hollered before the Mountain drove away, leaving the gutted Bolton crew to fend for themselves.


  1. ♥ This is perfect. Is it wrong how much I love all of Ramsay's boys? XD

    1. It's not wrong, we love them too!


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