Bolton Rising Part 55 - Reek

After a long ride back to Agent Stannis’s headquarters, Reek and Arya had been separated and confined into holding rooms, awaiting further interrogations. Another cell... Reek thought as he paced back and forth from one blank slate of grey wall to the next in an endless cycle, muttering to himself incoherently. Trapped again like a rat and always someone's prisoner. He stopped suddenly, staring at the small bed cot, seeing it for the first time and sat down, holding his head between two mangled hands. The ruined shell of a man rocked himself, his whole body trembling visibly as constant fears rose up to assault a fragile broken mind.

He will be so angry with me. Reek began to weep, knowing Ramsay would make him suffer terribly for taking the girl. The Bastard of Bolton would never kill him, for the devil took great delight in making his former pet beg for an end to his miserable existence. The dark monster that lurked behind those cold pale eyes was more frightening than anything in the world, haunting Reek's memories day and night, making him still wet the bed like a small child.

Theon Greyjoy had been seduced and lured into Ramsay's world, the fiend offering a helping hand to jointly gain their fathers' approval and prove themselves as legitimate sons. But it had all just been an elaborate trap to kidnap him and hold him hostage to force Balon Greyjoy, his father, to hand over business dealings to Roose Bolton. Unfortunately, his father was a stubborn prick, refusing to negotiate even when pieces of his skin were flayed and sent as gifts by Ramsay. Did you hate me so much, father? Reek sobbed, alone with his thoughts, lying down on the thin mattress and curling up into a fetal position, remembering when the rapes began.

Ramsay always took control, dominating him and forcing Theon to submit to the Bastard's every will through acts of painful pleasure, humiliating bondage and tortured arousal. With each encounter, Theon felt Ramsay stealing away a piece of his soul, binding him to the Bastard of Bolton till he no longer cared about his name or former existence, living only to serve and please Ramsay as a sexual pet. The Bastard Boys were used to strip away his humanity, shared from one man to the next as an object for sexual gratification, feeding into Ramsay's voyeuristic needs.

Reek moaned softly in despair, reaching down between his legs and cupping the now empty space there. Back then, he still had a cock which Ramsay took great fascination in torturing, shackling his pet naked to the wall with an erection for hours. The Bastard of Bolton enjoyed teasing him to firmness, over and over, but never letting him spill the pent up seed till he was begging for release with shameful tears. Even now, Reek wished he could be back in that place in time, aroused for Ramsay, giving into his own submission instead of being this wretched creature.  Master... I'm sorry! Reek squeezed his eyes shut tightly, quivering with excruciating phantom pain as he suddenly saw Ramsay's angered face, the gleaming castration knife in his hand, coming to exact retribution. I should never have betrayed him.

Theon Greyjoy had been a fool to run away, seeking his sister Asha's help in escaping from the Bastard's clutches, reporting Ramsay's activities to the authorities such as Agent Stannis. He had enjoyed freedom for a few months, even feeling bold enough to go out alone again, fuck anyone he wanted, living the party boy lifestyle that he felt entitled to. But he should have known the Devil would come collecting, with Bolton sending out his minions to retrieve his lost property. Gregor Clegane snatched him up first, the unmovable Mountain caring little for his pleas of mercy, while the Bastard Boys took his sister. Reek still didn't know what had become of Asha, whether she was alive or dead, or just another sex slave at the Dreadfort club. He only hoped his proud sister had not been broken like him.

After that, Reek's life had become a living hell. Ramsay made sure his pet suffered daily for betraying him. There was no more pleasure to be had at his hands. Only unimaginable pain and torment. The Bastard of Bolton took away Theon's physical beauty first, destroying the very thing he once lusted for to never be tempted again. Then he set about transforming Theon into Reek, an indentured servant for life, never able to repay the debt he owed his Master, always lingering on the edges of survival, still seeking Ramsay's favor once again. He hated Ramsay's new pet, this Arya, who Reek wished would suffer for running away too. I hope he takes off her nose! He seethed with jealously, getting up and pacing once again, killing time and waiting for someone to come fetch him and bring him back to Ramsay. I will always belong to you.