Bolton Rising Part 62 - The Bastard Boys & Arya/Jeyne

We love the way you drip with honey, girl.” Skinner spread Arya’s thighs wide apart, letting Luton zoom in and get a clear shot of the girl’s glistening pink cunt, parting her folds and toying with her swollen clit, enjoying the pet’s desperate mewing sounds as she arched her body in reaction.

“We’ll make you feel so good, slut… and the Boss will want to see you being cared for.” Damon smirked as he tilted Arya’s head back, her mouth open, tongue sliding over the Bastard Boy’s thumb, begging as any trained pet should. He let her nurse off his thickened cock while Skinner slipped his own erection inside that tight pussy, thrusting to get a good penetration on the first stroke.

She moved as if in a dream, her body responding to Skinner's manipulation, his gloved hands so gentle as he touched her skin, as he moved her so easily. Arya was aware of what he could do with those hands, understood where he'd gotten the nickname of Skinner. This was a dangerous man... they all were... and yet, she was not afraid. He would not hurt her, or maybe he would, but she would welcome the pain that would come from this. She was born to please, and to give pleasure, and her body responded to both pleasure and pain in a way that normal girls could never understand. It was as though she were floating above her body, with no control over her responses, and yet she was present in a way that made every touch, every sensation, so all consuming that she thought she might die from the intensity.

More hands touched her skin now; Damon was with her. She writhed as the two men ran their rough hands over her silky skin, reading her curves, manipulating her flesh, rubbing and massaging her aching nipples with their fingers; there was no part of her body that remained untouched. Whimpering, she suckled on Damon's thumb as he tested her willingness to please and obey him. There was nothing she could do but respond. Her need to serve was so strong that she could feel hot tears of relief begin to spill from the corners of her eyes, trickling down her temples and into her hair, dampening the thick chestnut waves spread out over the velvet couch cushions. Arya's hips lifted as Skinner caressed her silky, dripping sex, his fingers sliding over and around her aching bud. She needed more, needed him in her, needed them both to take her, to use her hard and rough.

Damon's cock pushed between her lips now and she began to nurse, hungrily, sucking him hard, urging him deeper as she lifted her head to try to pull more of his thickness into her greedy mouth. Skinner was between her thighs now, thrusting his long hard erection into her tight sheath, causing her to cry out around Damon's cock. Ramsay's man groaned as her cry vibrated around his shaft, thrusting his hips forward and filling her mouth completely. Arya clenched her pelvic muscles, hooking her legs around Skinner, digging her feet into the backs of his thighs and bucked under him as he thrusted into her, hard and deep.
More, she tried to beg them, harder... hurt me...

"Oh yeah, that looks sweet." Luton shoved the dark haired wench off of him and stood up, hovering over Arya as she was fucked, capturing her jiggling tits on video then focusing on the girl's neck as Damon's swollen shaft undulated that slender column, choking her of breath.

"That's enough, little pet." Damon yanked his saliva soaked dick from her greedy mouth, while Skinner grabbed and pulled Arya towards him, his eyes flickering into a darker shade of lust. "Don't be missing him so much, girl. I'll keep you plenty busy," Skinner laughed as he hauled Arya up into his lap, smacking her bare ass hard to spur the pet into riding his erection, while his lips and teeth assaulted the girl's breasts.

"Come down here, slave," Damon smirked while pulling away, leaving Arya in Skinner's hands as his stern gaze looked towards the stage, watching the blonde obey immediately. The head Bastard Boy wasted no time tossing her over the nearest seat, his large hand grasping a chunk of golden locks and using his boot to shove the wench's legs into a wide stance, claiming and fucking his new toy.

Arya was lost to all reason, her mind a whirl of sensations as the men used her for their pleasure. When Damon's cock slid out from between her lips, she couldn't help but moan in disappointment, however, she quickly forgot about Damon as Skinner dragged her closer, growling at her in his thick brogue, dark heated eyes running over her possessively.
If Ramsay doesn't come back, this one will keep me for himself... she thought, as she registered the dangerous look in his eyes.

Thoughts left her head again as he speared her with his thick cock, and she squeezed tightly as she rode him, working herself hard on his erection, grinding into his pelvis as she cried out loud. Skinner's mouth and teeth on her breasts drove her harder. She gripped his shoulders and bit her lip hard enough to draw blood, her head falling back, her back bowing until her hair spilled over the big man's knees. She could hear the blonde slave's cries as Damon took her hard and deep, and she knew that this girl, like her, reveled in the pain of it, the sheer force of the man's hold on her, the roughness of his taking was pure perfection to this girl, as it was to Arya herself.

"Turn her around, man. The Boss wants to see her, not you, dumbass," Luton bitched, while Skinner lifted and turned Arya around to face the camera, making her stand before all of them, half naked and trembling with uncertainty as the dark haired servant girl crawled past, resuming her oral attentions on Luton.

"I know what Ramsay enjoys to see, fucker," Skinner shot back, running a gloved hand over Arya’s curves, across a flat belly and down between her thighs, pinching her throbbing clit hard into a forced orgasm. "Call to him," Skinner commanded, easing Arya back down onto his lap as his cock probed into her tight ass, impaling the pretty pet with legs raised and open, displaying everything to her missing Master. "Beg for him, girl." Skinner moved Arya over his shaft, gentle at first then rougher, repeatedly smacking her empty wet cunt and reprimanding her for being such a lusty creature.

Arya gasped in shock as she was hauled up and turned around. Dizziness washed over her, and she swayed on her feet as Skinner presented her to the camera. She wondered what would happen to her now, and waited breathlessly for the next thing for what seemed like an eternity. Staring into the camera, tears filled her eyes and spilled down her mascara smudged cheeks as she could almost see Ramsay looking back at her. Skinner's hands roamed over her body as she stood there crying, then he was groping between her thighs, pinching her clit... twisting, pushing until she exploded, staggering and calling Ramsay's name. She called for him over and over, never sure if she was speaking out loud.  "

Pulling her back into his arms, Skinner lowered her onto him, pushing into her tiny opening, making her hurt as he pulled her down firmly, opening her wide. "
No..." she thought... "I don't like this..." A thought she had not dared to think for so long, but she only wanted her Master to do this to her; only he should give permission for this. And then Skinner reminded her... this was all for him. 'Beg for him,' he told her. It was all for him. Everything she had ever done, and would ever do, would be for him. Skinner knew this, as he, too, belonged to her Master. "Yes..." Arya whispered. "Ramsay...." Her voice broke as she choked back a sob, tears flowing freely. "Ramsay... my love... please... I need you..."

After he came inside the pet, Skinner laid Arya on the lounge and covered her with his jacket, lighting up a fresh smoke. He watched Damon and Luton continue on with their own wenches as they forced the women to copulate together while the men fucked them. The small erotic orgy provided a temporary distraction as Skinner tried to ignore Arya’s soft weeping. She was missing Ramsay badly. They all were, and Skinner knew he was getting too attached to the girl in Bolton’s absence, something he never had to worry about in the past.
Come back to us Boss or I don’t know what will become of us…  The Bastard Boy sighed while reviewing the porn on Luton’s cell and prayed to the Gods he wouldn’t be flayed alive once The Bastard of Bolton did return.


  1. Oh, God! Best pre-Christmas present ever! <3

  2. OMG I just discovered this and the Mountain and you guys have me so impressed! I've never read fanfic this good, it's better quality than many books available today! I want you guys to write SO much more! I also think both stories would make amazing movies! I'm wondering a few things: How old is Skinner? I feel that he's a little older than the other Bastard Boys, maybe because he's not so hot headed, but he seems a bit more mature. Can you write a Skinner spinoff, please? I want to know his back story! I think I have more questions, but I'm gonna re-read both stories first!