Bolton Rising Part 64 - Gregor and Ramsay

Gregor's deep voice had awakened Ramsay from his sleep, and he cracked his one good pale eye open as the other was too bruised and swollen to be of any use. The sudden explosion had knocked him off the bed cot, and he hit the cold concrete floor with a thud. "Mountain sized motherfucker... Did you come in with a rocket launcher?!" He growled out the insult, cradling sore busted ribs just as the cell's locked security door's access panel turned from red to green, giving the Bastard of Bolton a way out. With a deadly grin, Ramsay rose to his feet and staggered outside, surveying the damage his best friend had caused to rescue him. Not bad... Now to find my own toys to play with and some damn clothes.

He inspected the dead guards lining the hallway with growing annoyance, finding only one still half alive, half smothering in green like vapors to take his vengeance upon. "You're lucky I'm in a hurry, asshole, or I would savor this all the more." Ramsay glared, taking the soldier's combat knife and stabbed at the man's terrified eyes, plucking each gelatinous treasure out. "Didn't think I would remember who punched me and where, did you?" Ramsay laughed over the high pitched screaming, leaving the man to his blinded, half burned fate before continuing down the labyrinth of corridors.

In the experiments and medic ward, Bolton found a shrapnel filled body on a gurney, and stripped the dying man's clothing and boots off, while holding the doctor on staff at bay with his knife. "I only did those things to you on your father's orders! Don't kill me... Please!" The man fell to his knees, begging as Death stared down upon him in the form of Roose Bolton's cold hearted bastard.

"Oh, I know... And my beloved father will pay dearly for everything I have endured," Ramsay cooed mockingly, trying to soothe the man's fears as he took his time dressing. "Green camo. What a horrible color for me." The Bastard sighed before grabbing the doctor by the hair and scalping the man alive, yanking the flesh off his skull like one peeling an orange. The screams of agony soon lured more soldiers to death's door, and Ramsay unleashed his fury upon them, disfiguring one after another, soaking himself in their blood and tears. The sound of intense gunfire stirred Bolton out of his retribution, leaving the wailing men behind as he stole their guns and headed towards the war zone, finding the Mountain pinned down by a hail of bullets. "Clegane!" the Bastard of Bolton yelled, grinning at the sight of his old friend who only glared back, ducking behind a pillar for cover as more bullets came whizzing by.

"What the hell are you smiling about, Bastard? I could use some help here!" Gregor replied with a tense tone, feeling pressed for time, needing to get himself and Ramsay moving towards the helipad. "By the way, you look like shit!" The Mountain tossed a flash grenade towards the group of soldiers, before coming back out as Ramsay provided cover fire over the intense flash of light and ear piercing boom.

"Is it the clothes or the blood?" Ramsay laughed while Clegane hauled ass over the distance, grabbing the Bastard by the arm, staying on the move as both took off running. "Your woman wouldn't even recognize that busted face of yours," The Mountain replied, concerned not only over his friend's battered appearance but also his labored breathing and pale coloring.

"My pet is all right?" Bolton stopped to take out another guard with a head shot as Gregor broke down a damaged emergency door, heading up a flight of stairs two at a time, while his friend followed. "Yes... safe and sound, but not without some issues."
"What do you mean?" Ramsay growled, his blood growing heated at the mere thought of Arya being disobedient or disloyal to him. Letting anger guide his weapon, he continued shooting and killing the men trailing after them, wishing there had been time to use his blade and deal out true suffering upon his captors.

"I'll tell you about it on the trip home. The Boys found her and have been keeping watch over the girl. But you won't be able to tag her sweet ass again if you don't help me get us out of this hellhole." The Mountain handed Ramsay his reloaded assault rifle as they reach the roof. "Keep those douche bags busy, I can't hot-wire our ride while being shot at, bastard, and they'll aim for the fuel tank.

"I think I can manage that. I'm not an invalid here," Bolton replied with a huff, taking up position as Gregor opened the outer door, fumes and smoke coming in with the high drafts. "Did you remember to bring my cigarettes? I'm dying for a drag," he asked with a hopeful note, while the Mountain only raised a brow in disbelief. "You're fucking insane, you know that?"

Ramsay smiled like the devil, that single pale eye shining with mirth. "Life would be a dreadful bore if I wasn't, asshole."

"Only you can enjoy stirring up so much shit." Gregor shook his head, then took off towards the Apache style helicopter, climbing into the pilot's seat to hack into the high tech terminal, overriding the login sequence. His thick fingers flew over the keyboard, punching in codes to get the rotors and weapons system online, all the while ignoring the heavy gunfire outside. "Ramsay, let's go, man!" The Mountain watched with apprehension as his friend dropped his empty weapons and bolted for the hovering helicopter just as armed soldiers stormed through the access door, all guns aimed upon the Bastard of Bolton.

"Not today, you pitiful fucks!" Gregor roared with fury, grabbing the controls and turning the copter around, squeezing the trigger, unloading the magazines in the twin machine guns upon their enemies. A dark smirk of satisfaction graced his face as the men were torn apart in a violent showering display of blood, flesh and guts. Clegane only stopped the carnage when Ramsay's hand landed upon his broad shoulder and gave a weakened squeeze. "Take me home... brother." The Bastard of Bolton dropped down in the second seat, clearly in pain, collapsing from exhaustion as he passed out.

"Easy now, Boss. I've got this," Gregor replied with admiration, taking to the air and firing off all their missiles at the ruined base to give Roose Bolton their exiting fuck you's.


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