Bolton Rising Part 66 - Ramsay & Gregor

"We're coming in hot... Flying under radar here, but I might have Roose's assholes on my tail," Gregor's hardened voice crackled over the radio frequency as he finally risked making contact with communications at Winterfell.

"Did you fucking start War World 3 out there? It's all over the damn news, man. What happened to a quiet covert extraction?" Damon replied with a relieved smile, while signaling to Skinner and Luton to arm up for another possible battle.

"I had to make some adjustments to the plan, fucker. I told you getting Ramsay out wasn't going to be simple. Get the medic room ready and call in that snake, Qyburn. I'm all banged up to seven hells here and the Boss isn't looking so good either."

"I'm already on it. We're coming to meet you." Damon bolted outside, grabbing a heavy assault rifle with armor piercing bullets, ready with some serious fire power. He found the other two Bastard Boys had spread out and taken positions with rocket launchers aimed towards the sky, providing tactical support as the stolen helicopter touched down.

After shutting off the engine, Gregor hopped out and came around, clasping arms with Damon in greeting. "I haven't had time to assess him, but Ramsay's been out for hours." The Mountain opened the helicopter's passenger door and pulled the Bastard of Bolton's limp body into his arms, while Damon checked for a pulse.

"He's still with us. Tough S.O.B." The head Bastard Boy smirked, then turned to holler at Luton and Skinner. "Stay on guard and get rid of that chopper. It's definitely got a tracker on it." Damon lead Gregor away, and they disappeared with Ramsay, safely back inside.

"Aye. I love making Lord Bolton-twat's toys go boom." Skinner yanked the pin off a grenade and set it sailing into the opened side door as Luton scowled with annoyance. "Hey, you didn't even call dibs on that!" he yelled after diving for cover, the loud explosion rocking the fortress' walls and rattling windows, while the valuable piece of military technology was reduced to a charred heap of burnt metal.

"Is it always fun and games around here?" Gregor growled without much bite, laying Ramsay out on a bed first as Damon got a medicated IV started. Clegane then tumbled into a nearby chair, weary from exhaustion and feeling his own adrenaline wearing off, pain now flooding his immense body in waves. "I'm going to need one of those too... and double the dose."

"Cut them some slack. The Boys are just celebrating his return. We've been desperate for any word since you left. By the looks of things, we should have gone with you." Damon gave the Mountain a pointed glare before pricking his thick arm with the needle. "It's our own special blend of cocktails. Enjoy," Damon boasted proudly, before turning his face towards the doorway. "Stop fidgeting in the shadows, girl, and come to your Master's side." Gregor raised a curious brow, looking in the same direction. "The sweet pet has been more lost than all of us without the Boss around."

Ramsay's pet ​had been sleeping until the commotion had startled her awake. All at once, she heard the men running through the house and Skinner yelling at her to go to the cellars and wait until he gave the all clear. Arya had obeyed, locking the door behind her, pacing the cold, stone floor, shivering in a thin negligee as she strained to hear what was taking place outdoors. When she heard the massive explosion, her fear and curiosity overcame her and she had crept back upstairs. Lured by the sound of men's deep voices, she found her way to where Damon was administering fluids to Gregor Clegane. There, on a bed behind Damon, was her beloved Master. Ramsay Bolton lay motionless, an IV dripping slowly from a bag suspended on a makeshift stand. She must have made a small sound, because Damon turned towards the doorway before speaking to her, allowing her to enter.

Arya flew across the space to Ramsay's side. She climbed gently onto the bed beside him and leaned over her prone Master, thin silk clinging to her curves, riding high to expose matching lace panties as she tried to assess the damage done to the man she loved. The girl paid no attention to the two big men behind her as she fussed over her Master, ​​nor did she seem to notice the blood that stained her white silk garment as she unbuttoned Ramsay's stolen uniform. Cupping his face in her hands, smoothing tousled hair from his forehead, ​her tears flowed silently. "Oh, my love..." she whispered, leaning forward to lay feathery kisses on his lips, his face, his eyelids, willing him to open those ice cold eyes and reassure her that he would be all right. "He needs a doctor, Damon, please! Why doesn't he respond? Please, help him!"

Gregor cleared his throat uncomfortably and averted his eyes as Ramsay's pet wore next to nothing, revealing everything a man would want to wake to. "He'll be fine once Qyburn arrives and patches him up," Damon replied in response to the girl's distress while giving the Mountain a shot of strong antibiotics, before doing the same to his Boss as Ramsay stirred to consciousness. The Bastard of Bolton slid his murderous hands up Arya's bare thighs, grasping at her succulent flesh as his pale eyes snapped open. Ramsay held onto his pet's tear filled eyes with an intense glare. "Leave us," he rasped darkly at the others, yanking Arya closer with a hand between her thighs, needing to reassert his claim on the girl.

"You can't have the strength for any fucking right now, Bastard, and I'm too tired to get up," Gregor growled as Damon just shrugged his shoulders and smirked before saying "I'll just go call Qyburn again and see where that creep is."

"I don't have to move. My pet will take care of me. Won't you?" Ramsay whispered while letting his fingers roam over Arya's soft petals, ignoring Clegane's dark scowl of annoyance.

The touch of his fingers caused shivers to run throughout her body, but that was nothing compared to the effect that icy stare had on Arya. She felt like her heart would pound right through her chest, and her stomach clenched with such longing that she felt faint. She didn't know whether or not the two men had left the room, and she did not care. Arya slung her leg over her Master so that she straddled him, and leaned forward, pressing her chest to his. "Ramsay..." she breathed as she lowered her head to administer the kiss which she’d been holding inside her these past few weeks. The Bastard of Bolton had slid his hands up her thighs to her shapely hips, pulling her closer, grinding his already hard cock between his pet’s legs, while her smaller hands ran up his chest and over his shoulders, slipping into his tangled hair.

Tears fell onto Ramsay’s cheeks as their lips met, tongues entwining ferociously. His hunger for her was evident in his kisses and the predatory noises he made in the back of his throat. He gripped her so hard that it hurt her, and yet she reveled in the sensation as the pain made her sure that this moment was real. She pulled back to look at his face, drinking him in. Her eyes could not get enough of her Master. "I will take care of you, my darling. My Master... always..." Arya whispered, pulling the now bloodstained negligee over her head and tossing it to the floor. Her Master's eyes sharpened further as the corners of his mouth curled in a possessive smile.

Remaining on her knees above him, the girl guided Ramsay's hands to her exposed breasts, her nipples hardening under his thumbs. She whimpered softly at his arousing touch. Bending her head, she kissed his lips again, once, then twice, before her mouth traveled lower, licking and nipping at his neck, tasting the salty tang of blood on her lips. She nibbled at his collarbone, her hands following, fingers trailing softly over his skin, finding cuts and bruises, feeling bones more prominent than before. "Oh, my love! What did they do to you?”

“Nothing I haven’t learned to endure pet,” the Bastard of Bolton groaned from the mixing of sweet pleasure and sharp pain colliding together upon his nervous system. Grasping a large handful of his pet’s soft hair, Ramsay urged Arya to go further down his tortured body, his cock straining for the girl’s attentions. “Take me into your mouth. I want to feel your need for it, pet.”

The Mountain watched with disbelief as the girl eagerly followed Ramsay’s orders to the letter, knowing his own woman, Melly, was once in the same position. “You’re doing this to me on purpose, Bastard, and it ain’t fucking funny!” Gregor balled his fists instead of strangling his friend, and Ramsay cracked a smile, groaning as the pet’s wet suction encased his throbbing length.

“Mmm… I deserve this. I’ve been locked up in that hellhole for weeks.” Bolton sighed with contentment, guiding Arya’s head bobbing, thrusting his hips upwards. “And my charming prince to the rescue was a cranky ass Mountain.”

“I can always dump you off right back there in a baby basket for your father,” Clegane replied sternly, reaching over for the intercom and yelling for Damon to bring him a cell phone. “If I’m stuck here, needing to rub one out, I’m calling Melly and having her voice in my ear, not your moaning, Bastard.”

As Arya slid down her Master's body, she could hear Ramsay talking with Gregor Clegane, however, she kept to her purpose. She wrapped her lips around him, sliding down his shaft to take in his full length, letting out a hungry moan as she tasted his precum on her tongue. The smooth head of his cock hit the back of her throat and she pushed deeper, knowing instinctively that he needed to be buried deep within her. This was the comfort that the Bastard of Bolton craved.

Kneeling, she straddled one of his legs, and as she pulled her head up, ground her slick pussy on his thigh before taking him deep into her throat once more. Ass in the air, she knew that her bare cunt, swollen and wet, was fully exposed to Clegane, who was still behind her, and Damon, who was entering and exiting the room, but this did not deter her. She had become used to performing in front of the Bastard Boys, and her only concern was to care for her Master. Arya cupped Ramsay's balls in her hand, massaging them as she raised and lowered her head, sucking and licking, swirling her tongue around his head, before, at the slightest pressure from his hand in her hair, plunging low again, taking him down her throat and holding him deep, making little sounds of pleasure in her throat as her tears subsided and lust overcame her.

As soon as the phone picked up and a timid but soothing voice said "Hello?" Gregor growled deeply in reply, closing his eyes for a moment and pictured Melly giving him such a welcome homecoming as Ramsay was being treated to. "Woman... It's me. I got the Bastard out and we're safe." The Mountain let his free hand drop down to his crotch, squeezing the hard-on straining inside the tight confinement of clothing. "I need to fuck you right now," he spoke over the sexual noises Ramsay and his pet were making in the background.

​Melly hadn't recognized the number on the caller I.D, but she'd been too afraid not to answer her phone since Gregor had left her alone. Her relief at hearing his voice was so great that she found herself beginning to tremble, barely able to hold onto the phone. "Gregor, by the Gods..." she half gasped, half sobbed, sitting up in their big bed. He'd been gone for an eternity it seemed, and after her encounter with her brother-in-law, she'd been frightened that it would be his voice she'd hear on the line.

She was still a well trained pet deep down, however, and hearing the need in his voice flipped a switch ​ deep inside her​.​ ​​Melly felt her body immediately respond to her man's​ words and his urgency, her breath quickening and her heart rate increasing. ​ ​"I'm here," she responded. ​​"Let me undress for you, love." The girl rose to her knees. "I'm in our bed and I'm taking off my top." She pulled her tank top over her head, knowing he could hear the rustling of the fabric over the phone. As she did so, the shirt brushed against her nipples, already hardened and sensitive, causing her to gasp into the Mountain's ear. She could hear his sharp intake of breath in response and a shiver ran down her spine, as a tingling sensation awoke between her thighs. Settling back into the pillows, she whispered, "...and my panties now..." as she lifted her hips and pushed the silky fabric down her legs, kicking the tiny garment away. "Tell me what you want... I'm ready for you."

“Spread your cunt open and stroke yourself for me, girl,” Clegane rumbled, gripping the cell phone harder and popping his jeans open, fisting his full cock as pearly drops of excitement weeped from the slit upon the head. The Mountain could see Melly now, her tits exposed with pink nipples beginning to harden for his mouth to suck on, while she spread her creamy thighs open in invitation, her supple body needing him, wanting only his sizable cock inside her now. “I’m watching this Bastard getting mounted by his pet and all I can think of is you doing the same to me once I’m home.” He snapped a picture of Arya riding Ramsay’s slick cock, her breasts thrust out towards her Master, pure joy etched upon her pretty face as that thickened length was wedged deep inside her. “I know you’re wet, girl. Stick three fingers inside that pink cunt. I won’t be teasing you gently when I get there. I’ll be fucking you hard till your voice goes hoarse from screaming.” Gregor sent his lover the salacious photo, stroking his arousal and groaning over the pet’s sweet cries as she grew louder while Ramsay urged her on.

"Oh, I'm so wet for you. All I needed was to hear your voice." Just the sound of her man's need made her whimper in his ear. Melly's eyes closed as her legs fell open. She could picture him standing over her, watching as she trailed her fingers over a full breast, toying with the nipple, before allowing her hand to slide lower, over her stomach and between her thighs. "I wish you were here with me now, so you could see how much I need you..." she whispered, following Gregor's instructions precisely. Parting her slick folds, she began to stroke her clit, sliding her finger up and down over the tiny throbbing bundle of nerves as she listened to the Mountain growling his instructions. Her phone vibrated, and seeing the photo of her former Master and his new pet only intensified her arousal. "Mmm... yes, baby, I'm straddling you. I'm sliding down onto your cock... I can feel my body stretching around you..." Gasping, she thrust three fingers inside, slowly but firmly, as deep as she could reach. "It hurts, but I want more... Gregor."

"Fuck... you know how impatient I get waiting, woman. I'm grabbing you around the waist and pulling you down. Sliding myself all the way into your wet sheath. You can't even breathe to scream, I've got you split so wide open," Clegane replied with a dark smirk, working his rough hand over a pounding shaft, feeling his balls tightening and the pressure mounting. His breath quickening over the phone line too, the Mountain's stern eyes watched Ramsay's hands sliding all over the naked pet's body, fondling Arya's bouncing tits, and groaning as he came and the girl creamed his cock, crying out his name. "My hot seed will be lashing your womb as you milk me with that sweet tight cunt," Gregor rumbled with a primal tone, the wave of pleasure cresting over the edge and breaking as white semen began squirting through his thick fingers. "Ah, Melly..."

The tone of his voice, so deep and rough, combined with his words had just the effect on her that he spoke of. She felt the breath leave her lungs and she gasped for air, her thumb working her aching clit, while fucking herself hard with three spread fingers. Melly could almost feel his touch as his massive hands moved her up and down on his throbbing erection. "I can feel you inside of me, tearing me apart. Oh Gods!" she moaned into the Mountain's ear as she pictured her man stroking his huge cock as he watched the tableau before him. His guttural sounds as he found his release sent her over the edge, screaming his name, again and again.

She lay still, panting, whimpering a little and listening to Gregor breathe heavily in her ear. "My love... hurry home to me," the girl whispered, suddenly feeling cold and alone. "I need to touch you and feel your arms around me."

"I will, girl. I promise," the Mountain answered, leaning back in his chair, letting his eyes close for a moment, pain and exhaustion taking over. "I'll be with you soon."


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